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Oct. 3rd, 2011

Integra in orange mood

Trying so desperatly to be free

*taking a deep thought* Wow, my mind's blanc. But I guess it's normal. I was feeling like changing my old journal skin into something fresh... and apparently blanc enough :] I'd say it was another long long time. And once again there is nothing new for me to say. I feel like that youtube girl always only starring at camera all the time and people watching her. Yup... I feel the same except that no one's really reads my journal :) So, I can feel free as if talking to myself (but apparently even that is too difficult for me). It's easier when everything stay in my mind.
My wild love is crazy...
Ehem, sorry, listening to some music so it's hard not be detached from the writing... Haha, whom I have to fool - I'm always one foot detached from this side of life.
I promised I would drown myself in mystified vine...
So at any rate. A good coincidence - I write this entry on my birthday so... Happy birthday!
And there'll never ever be another one like you!
But you know, I'm not seeking for some kind of attention (as I'm almost writing this journal for myself). But it's fun. How many time you have wished very truly and sincerely a happy birthday to yourself?
Do you ever considered how it will feel?
All right. Let's enjoy to our fullest. The one only chance for us.

*Why do insanity can be so loveable?*

Dec. 6th, 2010

Integra in orange mood

Retarted post for retarted things

Ok, I must praise myself for writing the next post after...um... two years? (or maby even more). Yet, all I have to say, that all apart Hellsing community, there's nothing I'm interested in doing here (yeah, not even random ever-boring post writing -_-). Well, I'll try to update my status if LJ at least annually (lol) and that's the whole point of this entry... Ehem, so, Early Happy Christmas, Hellsing (and non-Hellsing) LJ lurkers! *insert some random holiday music tune*

By the way, I'd like to share my old and so-so Hellsing amv :)

Oct. 4th, 2008

Integra in orange mood


1. Greta o.O'
2. Indrė
3. .....only anime chars...... Like Integra xD
4. Me? :D
5. Whaaa.... all those "skype friens" (lol)
6. All cinema club members (except me -_-'')
7. Greta (another)
8. Almost all my teathre club friends...
9. All my friends (really, this would be intresting with every of them)
10. Indrė
11. Dovilė, Deimantė etc...
12. Anime girls :p
13. Augustė O.O
14. Dunno...
15. Alu~chan (rofl) 
16. Me? v.v (just kidding xD) 
17. Now, thats really me
18. Classmate Greta >,>
19. Mantas.... Damn /b/tard >.<
20. IDK...
21. Adelė :D
22. Meka-chan :p
23.Who dare to be my boss?! x.X
24. ....Hard to imaginate....
25. All those girly-pinky-finky girls
26. ME?! (lololololozzzzz) OK, I believe it was a big joke...
27. Fathers (really...)
28. Myself <.v"
29. Noh way (at least not real)
30. Damn, this meme is realy freakin' difficult :D

Yeah, everyone, who wants to know questions must write me PM... AND answer into them... AND then POST on their LJ, blog or whatever....

Sep. 23rd, 2008

Integra in orange mood


So, let's write again.... Some random anime-related stuff I experienced in this week (?) Ok, I really don't have anything to write about much, but I'll try :p
Here we go... "Devil x devil"! And here we will stop o.o Yaoi... LAST yaoi in my f***ing life! Really... Almost all main chars cries on every almost-h-scene and that is so damn anoying >.< (worse, that scared girl). And they are so... incontinent. Really, like nine year kids, who first time "fell in love" or something. So, it was too "emotional" manga for me... And my thoughts that yaoi can be intresting at some poit now are totaly destroyed.  さようなら、私の -dear- yaoi...
Now, let's go to more cheerful and happy topics. Yay! (v^.^ v) Now, when I read topic in "Hellsing" comunnity journal about "how great Rip's voice dub was" I realized how much I want to see Hellsing OVA IV... Mmmm.... Can you remember how trully great Alu-chan was? (for me, he looked better in OVA IV than those I,II and III :p) So, yeah, I need to watch it again! (how many times I used word "so"? x.x)
So, thats enought for today. I can't write any more (homeworks really sucks). Bye~

P.S. There left only 20days until "Hellsing" manga publication in Lithuanian! Yatta!!!

Omg, this week Integra looks so smexy (thanks to our great Toshi!) ^.^

Sep. 11th, 2008

Integra in orange mood

Three times "Valio!"

Hurray! There left only 32 days until "Hellsing" manga publication in Lithuanian! Yatta! At least one good new in this terribly sad month. I can't wait 'till that. I want to have ir in my hands as fast as possible! Damn, I'm so excited. I have to calm a little bit, don't ya think? ^.^' ANyway, I'm so happy. I wanna my "Hellsing" :p (sometimes I think, that I write like a little kid :D (Voice inside: Yeh, you are little kid!)) Oh, so what I was talking about? Oh, right... I can't wait, until I'll get my own volume with my own Alu-chan! (fangirls thoughts). OK, enought of this useless post in my forgein LJ.                                                 -STOP-

Take that! Oh, yeah~

Sep. 3rd, 2008

Integra in orange mood

It's over...

Damn, I feel really sucked if I write an entry to my forgein journal. So, it over. No more main "Hellsing" manga! I'm suffer from madness and thats sucks. Why, oh why they have to end it? Why they can't make it any longer?! Oh... Did K.Hirano become so exhaused from this? So much questions and only one chapter is left... Thats... really... annoying. I still can't believe it... It's just, not fair! Damn, this month is really sucked.... I hope, at least they didn't forgot and will continue The Dawn story. Otherwise I will blow up! Once again, Damn...

Wish you Alucard'ish summer end ^^

Aug. 1st, 2008

Integra in orange mood

Writer's Block: Immigration

If you had to immigrate from your current home, where in the world would you choose to go?
 JAPAN.... Or my imaginary world....... Or every place I hadn't been would be very interesting :)

Jul. 14th, 2008

Integra in orange mood

Aeria Games Commercial

Here a video about Aeria Games

You can always join to this growing community by clicking one of banners ~ 


May. 8th, 2007

Integra in orange mood

(no subject)

Poll #980817 Favourite animal...

So.... Whats you favourite animal?

I don't like animals

May. 7th, 2007

Integra in orange mood

My first day...

GREAT! It's my first day at LiveJournal and I'm very HAPPY! I hope you will enjoy my Journal and HAVE A NICE DAY :)